On March 23, 1993, the Educational Foundation was created to provide an avenue and managed system for funding educational activities not ordinarily funded by the Excelsior Springs School District (ESSD) that benefits students, staff and patrons, including scholarships for graduating seniors, teacher grants and other innovative projects.

This significant landmark would not be possible without all of YOU and the ES community’s support and dedication throughout the past 30 years.

THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to all of our founding members, board members and directors for paving the way in connecting community resources to classrooms, enhancing educational opportunities and increasing excellence in the ESSD schools.

THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to our former and current ESSD administrators, teachers and staff members for your leadership and commitment to help the students learn, grow and realize their potential.

THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to our alumni, community members, local businesses and donors for investing in the future of our ESSD students.

May we continue to connect and partner with one another to make a lasting impact for the ES schools and community for another 30 years to come!