The open book with its fanning pages symbolizes the connections made and the lives impacted in the ES community since the foundation began in 1993

A Bit of History

Since its founding in 1993, the Educational Foundation has connected community resources to classrooms to enhance educational opportunities and increase excellence in the Excelsior Springs School District. Our founders and former leaders paved the way in making a difference for our children, teachers and patrons by believing in the power of education to enrich and improve the community.

For the past 29 years, the organization has been represented with a crest symbol that includes various education-related symbols and the school district’s tiger mascot. 

About the New Look

In 2020, with the hiring of our new director and as life slowed down due to COVID-19, we took the time to re-evaluate the foundation, its mission, purpose and goals. As the organization continues to evolve and we celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, we thought it was a great time for a brand refresh to better reflect who we are. 

We were proud to partner with Excelsior Springs’s very own Skyla Sullivan to design the new look. After several ideas and drafts of designs, we are thrilled with the end result.

The new logo symbolizes the connections made with our district and community since the foundation began. The open book with its fanning pages represents the stories of the relationships built, lives impacted and partnerships made throughout the years. The simplistic logo expresses growth as we continue to tell the tales of the bonds created well into the future. 

Our colors – vegas gold and black – are the same to remain consistent with the school district’s brand. While a separate entity, the foundation remains aligned with their vision and values.

As residents, business owners, teachers, staff, students, alumni, donors and supporters, we represent the characters written on these pages that are bound by the past, present and future narratives of our educational journey in Excelsior Springs. Together, we continue to shape the arc of the Educational Foundation’s story.

We hope you enjoy this new look as much as we do.

Share Your Story

We invite you to share your story and how we can continue to connect our community and the classrooms.

Thank you for your support of the Educational Foundation.